4 Quick Tips for Staying Productive On the Go

By: Kelly Meissner on November 3rd, 2016

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4 Quick Tips for Staying Productive On the Go

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Whether you’re traveling for work or just for fun, it’s tricky to stay productive while working on the go. You never know whether you’ll have reliable internet or opportunities to charge your devices. Even the most seasoned productivity professionals struggle to keep things efficient while working and traveling.

As remote workers and travel fanatics ourselves, we have put together four super-quick, super-easy tips to help you get things done. You’ll learn how to plan ahead, communicate quickly, access your files remotely, and more.

Go paperless: Dropbox & Google Docs

Staying productive on the go requires some planning ahead. Besides the everyday benefits of working with platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs (like never having to worry about remembering where you saved a certain document or dealing with email attachments to share files), these platforms are lifesavers while working remotely or while traveling.

The ability to access your files and collaborate remotely is incredibly important when you’re away from your normal workspace. With a free account, Dropbox allows you to store, access, and share up to 2 GB of files. Best of all, Dropbox enables access from a variety of platforms — desktop, tablet, phone, etc.— so you can access your important documents and data no matter where you are.

If you need to edit documents, on the other hand, Google Docs is a great option. As many of you probably know, Docs (along with its counterparts Sheets and Slides) allows you to view and work on documents, share them, add collaborators, and leave comments or edits. It’s the ultimate tool for remote collaboration, and it’s very simple to use.

Communicate: Slack & Skype

Working on the go means you don’t have the ability to get up and tap a co-worker on the shoulder when you need something.

Apps like Slack and Skype are perfect for quick and easy communication — send a quick message to a colleague, chat with your team, or make a voice or video call. Staying up to date (and keeping your teammates in the loop, too) is essential for staying productive while traveling. If you don’t know what’s going on with your team, you may be working on something unnecessary or forging ahead with incorrect information.

Both Slack and Skype feature file sharing options. Searchable conversations on both apps also enable quick information navigation while on the go. Both platforms can be accessed on desktop and mobile, so you won’t have to worry about syncing across devices.

Organize: Create a “while you’re waiting” task list

Working on the go is obviously not ideal for uninterrupted productivity. If you’re traveling, you know that you will encounter awkward downtime waiting in line, in a car, etc. However, that doesn’t have to be time lost.

Make yourself a “while you’re waiting” to-do list of small tasks that can be handled during those in-between moments. These tasks can be as simple as outlining next steps for a project or sending an email you’ve been putting off. Consider whether you will have internet or cell service when you create this list as it will affect the type of tasks you can do.

Power up: Chargers, chargers, chargers

The biggest obstacle to working on the go is not having charged devices! Returning to the theme of planning ahead, it’s crucial you remember to pack chargers (and power outlet adapters for international travel) for all the devices you may want to use for work. Keep them easily accessible (i.e., not in a checked bag if you’re flying), so you’ll have them when you need them.

Are you a frequent traveler or digital nomad? Have you discovered any productivity hacks for working on the go? Share your best tips below!

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