2,000-Strong: Join the best developers in the world

By: Kelly Meissner on March 1st, 2017

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2,000-Strong: Join the best developers in the world

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You’ll be in good company as part of Crossover’s global community of tech professionals

Here at Crossover, we’re on a mission to create a different kind of workplace by connecting talented tech professionals with remote jobs.

Not just by getting rid of cubicles and commutes so all our team members can work from wherever they work best — but by building teams with the right combination of people and tools, then freeing them to do great work.

How do we do it?

Hiring the best

Ask any Crossover partner what they like about their job, and most will mention two things: the flexibility to work from anywhere, and their teammates. Until you’re working with people who are just as motivated and passionate about their work as you are, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like.

We currently have more than 2,000 partners working in 100+ different countries. When we say we hire from anywhere, we mean it. But we’re also serious about connecting great people with great jobs. We get around 5,000 applicants to our jobs every week, but only about 100 of those (or 2%) are accepted into our job marketplace.

Crossover’s team members are truly distributed all over the world!

That means that if you want a job at Crossover, you’ve got bring your A-game and be ready to demonstrate your skills. And like most good things, that takes some time and effort. In fact, our application and testing process is designed to narrow down the pool of applicants to the top 1% of candidates — but if you make the cut, you’re very likely to receive an offer.

Crossover’s hiring process

An even better side effect of this process is that once you join Crossover, you get to work with literally some of the best people in your field. Take it from some of our team members:

“Every day I solve high-complexity problems, explore technologies I never knew existed, and work [with] an extremely skilled software dev team.”

Bart Rybusinski, Java Chief Architect

“The whole Crossover team is made up of great, fun people who are always open to help you. I always learn a lot about other cultures and other countries. . . . And I’m working with the best professionals, which is helping my career, too!”

Viviane Gon, Visual Designer

Training for success

Once you’re part of the Crossover team, you’ll have the tools and support you need to do your best work and constantly learn and improve.

Partners have access to productivity tools that give individuals and teams insight into how they’re spending their workday and what progress they’re making. These tools and data help team members and their managers create a plan to work more efficiently, boost focus, and meet more goals.

We also recently partnered with the online learning platform Treehouse to give team members opportunities for continued skill development.

The future at Crossover

We’re bringing new people onto the team all the time. Over two weekends in February, we held Crossover Developer Tournaments (one-day-only tournament-style events with live coding challenges and on-the-spot hiring) in Russia, Romania, Poland, and Ukraine. The tournaments were a success, and we filled nearly 75 Java and Ruby on Rails chief and software architect jobs.

We have more events like these in the works, possibly coming to a city near you! We also have plans to support the global Crossover community by setting up co-working spaces in cities around the world. Stay tuned to our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) for the latest news.

This is an exciting time to be part of Crossover! If you’re looking for a new technical position, check out our open roles — we’re always hiring: