The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #1

By: Kelly Meissner on April 15th, 2017

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The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #1

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New this week on the Crossover blog

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Learn why suggestions to “follow your passion” and “do what you love” are actually terrible career advice. Cal Newport (author of Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You) offers some insight into what really contributes to a fulfilling career.

Top picks from the archives

Inside Crossover: a Q&A with Federico Mazzoli

Federico spent his first year as a product manager at Crossover as a digital nomad, living and working in 10 different countries

Going Global

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to have a career in tech

What we’re reading

12 free tools for remote developers and designers | Shopify

A roundup of free resources for your digital toolbox

Programmers should be good at email too |

Handy, step-by-step email tips to help busy programmers manage their inbox

10 podcasts that will make you smarter | Inc.

Top picks include The Tim Ferriss Show and Freakonomics

Remote work doesn’t isolate people — it actually drives deeper human connection | Quartz

Debunking one of the biggest myths about remote work

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