The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #2

By: Kelly Meissner on April 24th, 2017

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The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #2

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New on the Crossover blog

If you’re a Chrome user, these browser extensions will help you eliminate distractions and stay on task so you can do your best work.

7 TED Talks That Inspire the Future of Work

Inspiration for finding that elusive work-life balance, boosting productivity, and reaching your goals

Denise’s silent and colorful desk

Get a peek at one Crossover team member’s workspace and remote work gear

Top picks from the archives

5 Must-Read Books for Remote Teams and Leaders

Read excerpts from books by Cal Newport, David Heinemeier Hansson, and other experts in the remote work space

Make Sure You’re Able to Do This One Thing When Applying for a Job

Why resumes and interviews aren’t enough to showcase your potential

What we’re reading

Remote Workers Share How They Manage Their Work-Life Balance | InVision

Practical tips to “keep your work and home from merging into one sad blob”

How to Knock Your Virtual Job Interview Out of the Park | Help Scout

How to prepare for a remote interview and technology pitfalls to avoid

For Programmers, the Ultimate Office Perk Is Avoiding the Office Entirely | Quartz

Programmers rate remote work options above other benefits like healthcare and equipment

The 15 Best Productivity Apps to Get You Through Your Day | Trello

App recommendations for all-day productivity, from starting your morning off right, to staying focused at work, to winding down for the day

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