The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #16

By: Kelly Meissner on July 31st, 2017

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The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #16

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Top picks from the archives

Digital Minimalism: Cut the Clutter

Overwhelmed by the tools and tech that are supposed to make your life easier? Maybe it’s time for a digital detox—learn about digital minimalism, the movement that encourages people to be more intentional about their use of technology.

Get Better at Anything: 6 Steps of Deliberate Practice

In this follow-up to “Deliberate Practice: Learn Like an Expert” (shared in last week’s newsletter), tap into the secrets of expert performers with practical tips on applying the principles of deliberate practice to your own goals.

What we’re reading

How I’m Tracking My Time to Increase My Productivity | Personal Growth

Do you know how you spend your time at work? You might be surprised. In Part 1 of a 2-part series, learn about the potential productivity-boosting benefits of tracking your time and activities.

Being Busy Is Killing Our Ability to Think Creatively | Big Think

Why periods of distraction-free focus—or “deep work,” to borrow a term from author Cal Newport—are essential for doing your best and most creative work.

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