The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #17

By: Kelly Meissner on August 7th, 2017

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The Crossover Coffee Break: Issue #17

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New on the Crossover blog

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Crossover is proud to have a truly global workforce, with partners in more than 100 countries — and we’re growing all the time. Our series of country spotlights continues with Russia: meet the team and learn about local events like our hiring tournaments.

Top picks from the archives

The Pomodoro Technique: The Tomato-Inspired Productivity Philosophy

Tap into a more productive workday with this time-management technique that helps strike a balance between focused work sessions and breaks.

Vitor’s Minimalist Desk

In our “Where We Work” series, take a tour of the workspaces of some of our remote team members. In this entry, Vitor, a software developer (and gamer), shares his gear recommendations.

What we’re reading

The 10 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn | TechRepublic

Looking to break into programming or pick up a new language? Check out these recommendations.

The Right to Disconnect in a Connected World | UrbnPro

Smart tips on managing your email inbox as a remote worker.

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