The Ultimate Remote Worker’s Toolkit

By: Kelly Meissner on December 12th, 2017

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The Ultimate Remote Worker’s Toolkit

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Expert gear recommendations from the Crossover community

One of the best parts of working remotely is customizing your own workspace. Whether it’s a home office setup or a method for staying productive, you choose the tools, techniques, and atmosphere that will make you the most efficient, comfortable, and happy.

Crossover’s community — more than 2,500 in 100+ countries — knows a thing or two about working remotely, from the digital nomad lifestyle to productive work routines. If they’re not taking advantage of one of Crossover’s dedicated co-working sites around the world, they may choose to work from a home office. So we asked our network of partners to share their favorite gear and tools. Here are some of their top tips and picks for working anytime, anywhere:

1. Wear wireless noise-cancelling headphones

For music to meetings, wireless headphones are a must in the home offices and travel bags of many partners. This multi-purpose tool was the most-recommended item in our survey.

Some of the tried-and-tested models our partners use include:

AKG N60NC wireless headphones

“Whether you’re in a noisy cafe or at home with kids screaming, this pair of headphones subtracts the noise and immerses you in your music. Also priceless when you are on a call.”

– Simon B.

Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones

“Does a great job blocking out noise (Bose’s in-store demo shows that these headphones can block out an aircraft’s engine noise). The sound quality is awesome, it has a long battery life, and even includes a travel adapter and a sleek case.”

– Denise F.

Sony MDR100ABN wireless headphones

“Noise cancellation is very impressive. I use it for answering calls, and it’s also perfect for working outdoors.”

– Vijay V.

Honorable mentions: Wired headphones / headsets

2. Choose the right laptops & accessories

It’s where work happens! None of us can do without our machine of choice, often decked out with monitors, stands, speakers, and other gadgets. While Macs took the prize as the preferred brand in a recent poll, our Crossover community uses a wide range of equipment. Some top picks for laptops and accessories include:

Dell Inspiron i7359

“Sleek and powerful. The best part is battery backup, which is around six to seven hours, even with 15–17 Chrome tabs open, making Skype calls, using Slack, and so on.”

– Pankaj D.

Lenovo Ideapad 510s

“The keyboard is much better than the Dell or Asus in the same price/value range.”

– Sebastien G.

Roost laptop stand

“[Part of] my current co-working setup. Incredibly portable, lightweight, and sets your laptop almost vertically. Recommended for travellers.”

– Andrzej D.

LG UltraWide monitor

Honorable mentions: Routers

Wireless mice

Who says you don’t need a mouse anymore? They’re still great for working on the go. In our survey, Logitech came up the clear winner, appearing multiple times as a favorite brand.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

“Best mouse I ever had while traveling. Bonus: it can actually be used while charging.”

– Cristian G.

Logitech MX Master

Razer Mamba

“I’m a big fan of gaming, and I use the same mouse for work.”

– Gulaev V.

Honorable mentions: Wired mice

3. Use smart tools that keep you productive

Like many distributed teams, we use tools that allow us to collaborate with colleagues in the cloud, from wherever we are, like Google’s G Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.), Skype, and Zoom, among others.

But our #1 pick is the secret to our productivity: WorkSmart, a tool that all our partners use every day. WorkSmart is Crossover’s data-driven workforce management and productivity solution for managers, teams, and individuals. It helps you track your time, understand and improve your work habits, and focus on “deep work” sessions so you can maximize your efficiency and performance.

Want more tips from the Crossover community? From lessons learned about working while traveling to suggestions on being successful at Crossover, browse through more advice from our partners.