What Does Crossover Do?

By: Kelly Meissner on January 4th, 2018

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What Does Crossover Do?

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Answering your questions about remote jobs and hiring with Crossover

Since 2014, Crossover’s mission has been to reinvent the workplace through a flexible, global approach to work and staffing. We believe that the best talent is located all over the world and currently have a network of 2,500 team members in 130 countries.

For job-seekers

We connect top 1% talent from every corner of the globe with challenging, long-term remote jobs. We offer a wide range of technical roles (in software development and architecture, engineering management, quality assurance, and more), as well as positions in areas ranging from sales and finance to design and marketing. You can view our current openings here: http://bit.ly/crossover-jobs

Once you join Crossover, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere or at one of our co-working sites with some of the most talented and motivated professionals in your area of expertise. Take it from some of our team members:

“Every day I solve highly complex problems, explore technologies I never knew existed, and work [with] an extremely skilled software development team.”

Bart Rybusinski, Java Chief Architect, Poland

“The whole Crossover team is made up of great, fun people who are always open to help you. I always learn a lot about other cultures and other countries. . . . And I’m working with the best professionals, which is helping my career, too!”

Viviane Gon, Visual Designer, Brazil

Hiring tournaments

This isn’t your average job application. You’ve probably had enough of writing one resume and cover letter after another and waiting for a response, and we recognize that these tools don’t give you the opportunity to fully showcase your skills.

So we’ve designed a more interactive experience. Through a multi-step challenge, you can preview the job while we get to see your expertise in action. Our online applications are available anytime, but for candidates who want to fast-track the process, we also host online and in-person hiring tournaments — one-day events where remote job offers are awarded to participants who pass all the tournament stages.

We’ve held over 70 tournaments to date in more than 20 cities around the world — from São Paulo to Bucharest to Karachi — as well as online events where anyone can participate regardless of their location. These events feature a competitive, gamified series of challenges that test your communication and job-related skills. As you advance through each level, you’ll see how you rank against your peers and watch your progress on a live leaderboard. Top performers who pass these challenges as well as the interview stage are eligible for a job offer.

Why is this better than traditional hiring methods? You get instant feedback on your status and the unique opportunity to push your skills further — working against the clock on complex problems alongside some of the most talented professionals in your industry. Plus, you’ll have the confidence that you will be evaluated based on your abilities rather than irrelevant personal information.

Are you up for the challenge? To test your skills against other top professionals and meet Crossover team members, sign up for one of our upcoming events: http://bit.ly/crossover-hiring-tournaments

For businesses

Crossover builds agile, remote teams for organizations around the world. Through custom testing for each role, we identify the best talent within a given skill set, refining your selection to the top 1% of qualified candidates. Our global approach to sourcing widens the talent pool, giving you access to a deeper range of skills, faster ramp-up, and greater scalability.

Crossover teams are built around each client’s specific needs — they’re part of your organization, not shared with other companies or projects. Plus, our data-driven management and workforce productivity platform WorkSmart gives you access to your team’s activity and progress no matter where they’re located.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Crossover:

“The volume of consistently high-quality talent from Crossover has been unbelievable — the best I’ve seen in my management career. I’ve bet my entire organization on Crossover, and we could not function without their people, metrics, and productivity tools.”

– Andy Montgomery | Senior Vice President of Engineering, Aurea

“The work of Crossover teams has been high caliber. They hit the ground running, ready to roll up their sleeves … we find much stronger talent through Crossover than we could if only looking locally. By the time candidates make it to us, they’re already vetted and tested.”

– Bryan Karp | Vice President of Operations, Mobi

Crossover assembles both technical and non-technical teams, but it doesn’t stop there. We equip businesses with the resources they need for effective remote team management — from dedicated managers to our WorkSmart technology to team performance insights — which means that all teams are held accountable for their productivity according to metrics that reflect your business goals. Our teams also have access to continued skills development through the online learning platform Treehouse, so their training stays current, which helps you stay competitive.

Want to learn more about working or hiring with Crossover? Visit us online.