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Hiring With Us 

We specialize in global talent acquisition. We hire talent from nearly 100 countries to find you the best team members in the world. Our hiring process is extremely rigorous, so you can be confident that our teams are sourced from the top 1% of all talent worldwide.

The process:

 1) Crossover works carefully with your company to decide what type of team you're looking for.
2) We launch a specialized job search so we can find the perfect candidates for your team.
3) We do all the grunt work. We'll handle the assessments and interviews, and leave the final hiring decisions up to you.



Managing With Us

Crossover uses WorkSmart, our one-of-a-kind productivity software, with every team member. More than 1,800 Crossover partners worldwide use WorkSmart to track their productivity. After deploying WorkSmart, our clients have seen productivity and engagement increase by 40–50%, which means that your company will benefit in a number of ways, such as deploying features more quickly and improving your product for your end users in a fraction of the time it used to take.


What can WorkSmart do?

The WorkSmart app helps you manage your team from afar, and is proven to boost productivity. It can also:

1) Identify top and bottom performers so your team can focus on continual improvement
2) Set individual and team goals and track progress
3) Track your team's productivity scores on a daily and weekly basis
4) See  your team members' most-used applications and websites so you can help them focus on the most relevant and pressing projects
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"Crossover is an instrumental part of GFI to assist us in delivering high-quality products to our customers...The Crossover WorkSmart tool is the single most important tool which we need to keep track of our teams, to continuously evaluate our team's performance, and to continuously improve our productivity." 
David Alamango,
"I have used Crossover as a staffing source for almost two years now, and they have consistently provided top-tier talent from around the world.  With [Crossover's productivity analytics], we have gained significant insights and have been able to react to these insights to consistently improve our productivity."

John Scragg, 

"The volume of consistently high-quality talent from Crossover has been unbelievable—the best I've seen in my management career. I've bet my entire organization on Crossover, and we could not function without their people, metrics, and productivity tools."

Andy Montgomery,