Remote Management Toolkit

By: Crossover on July 5th, 2016

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Remote Management Toolkit


If you’re a manager, you know just how hard it can be to keep you and your team on track amid a circus of other responsibilities. Remote managers face all of that with the added difficulty of managing team members from across the world, working across time zones and languages. 

 If you’re a manager, you also know how rewarding it is when you and your team nail it. That’s why we’ve collected a few of our favorite articles from the past week here in a remote management toolkit to help you and your team crush this work week.

 Get Organized: 5 To-Do List Apps to Keep Managers on Track

You’ve got so much to do— things pile up quick. It’s easy to use your email inbox as your to-do list, but this article lets you know why this isn’t the best strategy and proposes 5 different to-do list app alternatives to get you organized. Check it out and see which app suits you best!

Crossover Case Study: 6 Weeks to Soaring Productivity

Besides tweaking your organization strategy, sometimes your management strategy needs a little tweaking too. In this case study, we outline how one of Crossover’s very own teams was able to increase its productivity by nearly 200% in six weeks. You’ll be surprised how easy it was.

7 Quick Productivity Tips for the Remote Worker

It’s not always easy to stay productive when working from home (the TV beckons), but no fear! Here we’ve compiled seven quick tips to help you put your nose to the grindstone and keep it there.

 The Facts: Remote Work vs. Outsourcing

Maybe you’re not a remote worker and you're confused about the difference between outsourcing and remote work. Take a look at our sleek new infographic where we answer some frequently asked questions about the two. You might even decide to join us in the modern workplace— home.