Why We Made the Definitive List

Have you ever seen the stock photo remote worker? That one, with his laptop on his shorts-clad knees, sipping a Mai Thai like he's never seen a deadline. No one likes that guy. More often than not, remote management is a juggernaut of meetings, group chat, email and, more meetings. And yes there are 40,000 apps out there promising more time and less work, but how do you know what actually works? Or should you just download everything ever recommended?

Please, don't do that. Instead, take a look at our tested and proven list

How we made the Definitive List

We did the work for you! Because we love oversharing,  let me tell you exactly what we did. In steps.  

  • Step 1:  We realize how difficult it is to protect priorities when we're remote. As we tend to, we talk about the problem and how many lists of apps we've all seen. But really, which ones work? 
  •  Step 2: We go out into the world and collect everyone's advice. By everyone we mean 
    • Remotive.io 
    • ProductHunt
    • The Harvard Business Review 
    • Coworking Communities
    • Our colleagues
    • Our cats 
  • Step 3: We test the giant list we've accumulated. Like this: 
    • We each use one set of apps in giant list, leaving out "ball of yarn" and "catnip".
    • We argue the details of each app over a million cups of tea, coffee, and kombucha, and eventually agree that these 14 are the MVPs! 

PS: If our amazing app recommendations seem like they came from interesting people, hit us up! We love meeting others on the Remote train.

What's on the Definitive List

14 Tested, proven, and very thoroughly-argued about apps that made us work less, accomplish more, and feel empowered.

What will it help you do?  Among other things, it can: 

  • Help you figure out where your time goes. Hint: The answer isn't deep.
  • Provide a scientifically-tested soundscape to increase your focus
  • Get you on top of team chat and the eight billion notifications you're currently ignoring.
  • Schedule meetings quickly and easily 
  • Help you get to the work!

Just tell us where to send it!