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Finding the Top 1% Talent IS Possible

Successful businesses need exceptional talent — here’s how you can hire the best There’s no question that sourcing top talent is a critical priority for businesses — one that sets the stage for success. In fact, Steve Jobs once said that “[going] to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world” is the “secret to success.” From driving productivity to staying competitive, much hinges on the quality of your organization’s people. Yet, attracting and retaining the type of highly skilled team members you need is notoriously difficult. Talent and skill shortages plague many industries — particularly in high-skill fields like technology and healthcare — making the talent search long and costly.

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5 Ways Big Data Analytics Power Productivity & Profits

Businesses with big data initiatives see big benefits We’re drowning in data. Astronauts landed on the moon in 1969 using a tiny fraction of the data on personal computers today. The amount of data we’re producing and accessing is growing exponentially, projected to double every two years until 2020. At the corporate level, the vast majority of that digital information is falling through the cracks, taking valuable insights with it. Bain & Company reports that only 4% of companies make good use of data analytics — leveraging the right combination of people, tools, and data with the intent to drive improvements. Why is it smart to have a big data strategy? One workforce report analyzed seven years’ worth of research on business performance in the U.S. and sums it up this way:

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