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Inside Crossover: a Q&A with Andrzej Dobrucki

Meet Andrzej. He’s a technical product owner at Crossover. Andrzej brings more than a decade of experience in the IT industry, having worked with large companies like Samsung and Bosch. Based in Warsaw, Poland, he discovered Crossover on a remote jobs site and says he “fell in love” with one of the positions listed. Now, as a product owner, Andrzej gets to put his experience leading projects and software engineering teams to good use. Here, he shares why it’s worthwhile to work remotely and offers some of his best tips for communicating with a distributed team.

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Increase Productivity  |  Information Technology  |  Remote Work  |  Tech  |  Work Smarter

Inside Crossover: a Q&A with Pedro Henriques

Meet Pedro. He’s a technical sales architect at Crossover. He got an early start in programming before studying computer engineering and becoming an IT consultant. Pedro is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and discovered Crossover through LinkedIn. In addition to building teams of top technical talent at Crossover, he teaches in the Arts and Information Technologies department of the School of Communication at Universidade Lusófona in Portugal. Here, he shares how he got started in the tech industry and gives you an insider’s perspective of what a typical work day at Crossover looks like.

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