6 Communication Habits of Successful Remote Teams

Published on February 01, 2017 By Janie Kliever
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It’s been said that communication is the “oxygen of a distributed company.” And that’s a good analogy, because remote teams must have good communication strategies to survive and thrive.

Just think about all the ways that office-based teams interact with each other: there’s traditional meetings, brainstorming around a whiteboard, popping into someone’s office to ask a quick question, hashing out a tricky problem one-on-one over lunch, catching up in the break room, and many other small ways co-workers bond and interact with each other.

The question is, how do you create opportunities for all these types of communication when your team might be spread across multiple cities, if not countries?

What We Learned in 2016 about Hiring, Management & Remote Work

Published on January 26, 2017 By Janie Kliever
Transparency, Manging Remote, Remote Teams, Remote Staffing

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It’s tough out there in the corporate jungle. And often a company’s survival depends on the strength of its people. That puts a lot of pressure on business leaders to make the right staffing decisions—finding qualified talent, developing strategies to keep productivity up, making sure their teams have the right competencies to stay relevant and competitive in their industry.

But competition for the best people is fierce, and economic, technological, and political changes are constantly shifting the business landscape. The results of the 2016 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey highlight the reality of this struggle: 65 percent of CIOs worldwide think a lack of talent will prevent their organization from keeping up with the pace of change.

As Bill Gates has said, “The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.”

How to find that edge—and how...

What we do: Hiring with Crossover

Published on June 05, 2016 By Kendah El-Ali
Manging Remote, Remote Staffing

Transparency is more than a core value at Crossover. It’s how operate and the way we help our clients succeed. We embrace today’s networked world and create professional opportunities within it. We have no hidden catches. Crossover’s rigorous recruitment processes finds the top one percent talent on the planet. That process comes at no cost to the client. Once we find the talent, we heavily invest in our contractors’ futures and build strong company culture. Along with transparency, productivity and improvement are central to our operations. Our global talent community spans 82 countries, with country managers in our most active markets. By the time a client is presented with a Crossover team, they’re equipped with a synchronized, productive, focused and highly qualified team managed according to their precise needs. Sounds too good to be true? Let us walk you through the Crossover Journey.

In the name of transparency, we'd like to share the step-by-step process we use to bring...

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