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Inside Crossover with Java Chief Architect Bart Rybusinski

Crossover CEO Andy Tryba has credited Bartosz “Bart” Rybusinski as part of the “genius behind the unbelievable results” at RideAustin. Bart, based in Łódź, Poland, has been part of the RideAustin team since the nonprofit ridesharing service launched in June 2016. It was formed as a response to Uber and Lyft shutting down operations in the Austin, Texas metro area in May — leaving many locals without transportation and drivers without jobs. Bart was hired on as the team’s Java chief architect, the highest level role available through Crossover. His and his team’s job was to ramp up as quickly as possible to fill the void — the initial goal was to develop apps for both drivers and riders that could support providing 100,000 rides within the first 100 days.

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Crossover Cast Profile: Alexandru Darie

As one of Crossover’s go-to graphic designers, Alexandru Darie has been with the company for almost a year, producing stellar content from his own office space in Iași, Romania. To find out more about how Alexandru juggles life and work as a contractor, we sat down with him and asked a few questions.

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