Transparency is Key to Successful Remote Staffing

By: Crossover on May 23rd, 2016

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Transparency is Key to Successful Remote Staffing

Remote Work

Each relationship in our lives is built on a set of values. One man’s partial disclosure may be another man’s white lie.  At Crossover, transparency is the core of our value system. We’re a mission-bound company set to match the best talent to the best companies in the world in an effort to bring meaningful careers and peerless productivity to every relationship we forge. We never stop trying to improve. And why should we? Your time is deeply valuable.

Transparency lays the foundation for productivity when it comes to managing a remote team. The performance analytics provided by WorkSmart, a technology we built ourselves, allows employers to manage teams from virtually anywhere in the world. The system, in turn, gives employees a platform for fair, timely pay. As we all know, the best talent can be found anywhere on the globe, so why limit your company’s potential to the confines of your office?


WorkSmart’s intuitive dashboard not only accurately clocks employee time by the minute, its metrics share where the employee was working, what they were doing while they were working and what was produced during that time. If you’ve ever shied away from hiring a remote team due to doubts in productivity, Crossover has come to put you at ease. And if you’ve ever been an outsourcer who’s worked long, hard hours to be compensated for much less, exhale.

What does transparency mean in the current outsourcing climate? We all know that outsourcers compromise employers and employees in three top ways:

  1. Overcharging: Let’s say you pay $30/hr to the outsourcer. What you’re likely to get is  $10/hr talent, and the remaining $20 goes directly into their pocket. Crossover’s rule is that we take 10%. They walk away with $30/ hr and you pay only $33. No exceptions.
  1. Understaffing: You end up with 1-2 strong employees on an otherwise unstable team, and those two star employees are often shared. We build and manage teams to serve your needs.
  1. Overbilling: You are charged for 40 hour work weeks, yet fewer hours are actually being billed.

How can you embrace the future of remote work and get past these three common traps?

Are you worried that, because an employee is not in your office, he or she may be wasting everyone’s time? Have you ever been a remote employee that worked at least 60 hours a week and walked away with hardly 20 hours worth of pay? I certainly have. It’s no way to work (or live). Take a look at the WorkSmart dashboard. The breakdown is simple: time logged, a spotlight on applications used and for what percentage of overall work time, a productivity scale that compares your activity against your manager’s daily plan, and a daily logbook.


What you see is simply what exactly happened, no questions asked. Gray areas are wiped clean with the data that’s generated in real time. Settings can also be changed to highlight productivity. You know exactly what’s going on and can use your insights to manage your remote team.

Transparency is key as early as pre-hiring. Imagine a world where the hiring process, start to finish, was easy. Your company is staffed with star talent. And that talent comes home with a high salary and control over work-life balance. It’s not in your mind, it’s happening right now. Extensive testing, written and oral interviews and work scenario simulations also go into our search for the world’s top 1%. And we never stop looking for ways to improve productivity by keeping the process clear and simple. You know that your new employee, or team, comes from top universities, has key skill sets and experience, speaks perfect English and is the best candidate for the job on earth, literally. In the end, you get the best talent possible and they walk away with great pay and a work-life balance of their choosing.

The future of the workforce is now.

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